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Horst Klaes GmbH & Co. KG

A warm welcome to the world's leading company for innovative software solutions in window-, door-, and facade business. Over the past 30 years Klaes has grown from a one-man enterprise located in Rosenheim in 1983 into a globally operating business. About 200 employees in 27 countries, 26 languages and more than 7.000 customers in more than 50 countries confirm this progress. We provide the right solution for companies of all sizes: From straightforward and flexible solutions for component trading to highly integrated and continuous ERP solutions for industrial production. Due to the unique collaboration with their suppliers we are able to provide our customers with an exceptional service.

We have a new product - The Klaes Webshop! Every window producer can create his own webshop without any knowledge of programming. Convince yourself and test the KLAES WEBSHOP