Our Webshop Features

Webshop plus
With the Klaes Webshop you have the opportunity to design your own webshop without the assistance of a programmer. The Klaes window-webshop is created and configured from the data of the Klaes window program. The following options are available:

  • Determination of articles, types and components that are displayed in the webshop
  • Determination of the kind of calculation as well as prices in the given frame
  • Display of components by presenting own pictures and description texts
  • Recording of info-texts for individual components
  • Data- and price updating per mouse click

Webshop plus offers the following possibilities:

Recording of windows and doors in the material kinds timber, PVC, alu and timber-alu in different profile systems. The following components can be selected or changed. 

  1. Window colour
  2. Resistance class
  3. Panel
  4. Structure glass
  5. Windowsill connection
  6. Sash bars 
  7. Sash bar kind (pane dividing, glued, internal)
  8. Selection of different accessories for windows 
  • Display of surcharges referring to components
  • Recording of article items such as roof windows, awnings
  • Updating of item prices after each change (optionally representable)
  • Dimensioned window sketches with a display of colour, sashes and windowsill-connection 
  • Display of recorded items in the basket
  • Adoption of selected components in further items
  • Recording of customer addresses and registration in the webshop (optional)
  • Recording of delivery address different from the  invoice address
  • Selection of mode of payment
  • Order-overview
  • Output of orders on the printer or as PDF-file in an e-mail attachment
  • Automatic export of orders recorded in the Webshop
  • Import of the order into a project of the Klaes Construction program
  • Adoption of the order into an order

Hint: A prerequisite for creating the pricing for the Webshop is the ”Klaes Pricing” and the “Klaes Table Administration”. You can only manage those material kinds that are available in the used Klaes Construction-Software!